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Talleres Norte is proud to present a new product designed to solve problems affecting forage and grain storage in Bag silos.

Amonite is a flexible preformed sealant, which guarantees a simple, quick and practical usage in the agricultural industry.

Conceived for repairing and shutting Bag silos, it develops a firm adhesion which increases with time. Resistant to high and low temperatures and other climate factors, it contributes with a correct and safe preservation of both silage and grain in Bag silos, sealing both ends and efficiently covering any cut, fissure or hole.

Due to its elasticity, the Amonite Tape contracts and expands with cold or hot temperatures, similarly to the Bag silos. This property allows the tape to remain firm and not be removed with the Bag’s natural movement, eliminating the need to be constantly monitoring the state of the repairs.


Together with the Amonite Tapes, the new Silo Patch for small holes originated by rodents, hailstone, branches or any other cause, is the immediate solution for the protection of your forage or grain.

Due to its convenient size, and to have polyethylene already attached to one face of the Silo Patch, it is very quick to apply and no spare cuts are required. The Amonite tapes are very effective and easy to use tools that ensure greater storage capacities in Bag Silos, preserving the quality of both forage and grain. Together with the Silo Patch, they can be used in any bag size.

Within PRECOP, the Harvest and post harvest efficiency national project, our products are being thoroughly tested by INTA technicians, the Agricultural technology institute that evaluates our product performance.

Now, agricultural tasks count with a new ally. For a total seal, or the repair of cuts in Bag Silos, the Amonite tapes and Silo Patch quickly and simply protect the yields of the world.
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